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  • 穩健發展20余載


    Yujin Group has developed steadily for more than 20 years and has become a comprehensive media company with rich media resources and diversified operations in northeast China. Covering from media agency to content production to integrated communication and implementation of a number of business segments, involved in many industries.


    Yujin Group is the agent partner of Liaoning Province, the massive engine of Toutiao and Douyin APP, the agent of Himalaya New Infrastructure and New Media in Liaoning province, and the operator and agent of Sina Dalian. Its influence radiates to the whole northeast region. Dalian Binguo Technology, a subsidiary of the group, officially introduced the advertising agency business of B station and carried out the little red book advertising business.



    YuJin Group is dalian bus body advertising city agents; The subsidiary Shengwei Culture created the outdoor resources of naked eye 3D large screen in Dalian; Group in Shenyang has more than 280 points of safe campus propaganda board.